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Development Committee

The Development Committee raises money for staff Professional Development Awards that provide broader access to career improvement opportunities. Funds are solicited through events, payroll deductions, and individual donor gifts. We also promote staff applications for these awards. The amount of an award may vary based on the funds available.

Goals 2023-24

Our committee goals for the year:

  • Double our Giving Day 2024 donations
  • Obtain approval for UUSC participation in the staff onboarding benefits program to encourage more awareness and payroll deductions
  • Increase the number of existing staff making monthly payroll deductions to UUSC
  • Increase the number of Award applicants

Meet the Committee

Anne Asman
Development Chair
Department: Geriatric Psychiatry Clinic
District: Hospitals & Clinics
Committee: Development, Executive
Olivia Chauffe
Department: Outpatient BMT & Hematology Clinics, Huntsman Cancer Hospital
District: Hospitals & Clinics
Committee: Development
Susan Grant
Department: Business Career Services
District: Academic & Student Affairs
Committee: Development
Lyndsi Seltz
Department: Pediatric Neonatology
District: Health Academics
Committee: Development
Bebe Vanek
Executive Board, Secretary
Department: Office of Equal Opportunity
District: Administration
Committee: Development, Executive