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University of Utah Staff Scholarship

(up to $500)


Applications are accepted on a rolling deadline and review dates are April 15th (Summer), September 15th (Fall), and January 15th (Spring).

Tom Loveridge Staff Scholarship

(up to $1250)


Applications are accepted on a rolling deadline and review dates are September 15th (Fall) and January 15th (Spring).



Spring 2020 Staff Council Scholarship Recipients

Stephanie Allan - Staff Scholarship

In my current position within the University, I work with a small team that partners with investigators to bring new concepts for clinical research trials to fruition. Since starting the position, many new investigators have come to us for help and the number of projects we are managing has greatly grown. With my Staff Council Scholarship, I intend to take continuing education classes to contribute to my Project Management Certification. My hope is that this additional education will help provide tools and strategies that will help me more efficiently manage the growing number of projects under development. I am very excited for the opportunity to continue my education and grateful for the financial aide the Staff Council Scholarship has provided.

Emilio Camu - Loveridge Scholarship

Thank you so much to the donors of the Loveridge Scholarship for extending this opportunity to me. This opportunity has lifted so much weight off my shoulders. I will be able to focus more directly on work and writing my capstone. Additionally, I can focus more on bridging community organizations to the University of Utah. In the midst of hearing this news, I was also able to successfully organize a karaoke night fundraiser with University of Utah students and their parents and grandparents to raise $3,000+ to donate to relief and rehabilitation efforts to the victims of the Taal volcano eruption in the Philippines. This scholarship has motivated me to do more of these events.

Laura Claflin - Loveridge Scholarship

With the help of this Scholarship, I will be completing my final semester of my Family Nurse Practitioner Doctorate Degree here at the University of Utah. I am passionate about nursing, and primary care. I am so eager to begin my practice and be a positive force in health care and in nursing. education. I am passionate about teaching and I hope to use my degree not only to care for patients but to help teach and mentor future nurses and nurse practitioners as they go through their training. This scholarship money would go directly towards my final tuition balance for the Spring of 2020. I've worked full-time for almost 8 wonderful years as a nurse here at the University of Utah and I am so grateful for the stability and support I have felt while I have been able to be employed here while also working towards my goals. I sincerely thank you for selecting me to receive this scholarship.

Frederick Federer - Staff Scholarship

This scholarship will be put towards the tuition costs for the Project Management Fundamentals Certificate at the University of Utah Continuing Education Program.  I was trained as a scientist here at the U.  In my current role as a laboratory manager I am both a scientist and someone who aims to facilitate the continued progress of others on several grant funded research projects.  Scientists are managing projects all the time, yet there is very little instruction given in project management during our training.  I will be able to immediately apply what I learn in these courses to my job, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of our research.  The program will also provide me with a valuable credential in project management as I work towards greater involvement in large-scale research programs at the University of Utah.  I am very happy to have been selected; the Staff Council Scholarships are a unique opportunity for University of Utah employees to grow and improve ourselves.

Zach Franzoni - Staff Scholarship

This scholarship will be used to support me as I work my way through the Sociology PhD program. More specifically, it will help me in the research I’m conducting during the Spring 2020 semester. I am currently researching self-assessed health across race, gender and socioeconomic status. This scholarship will allow me to continue developing my skills in quantitative analysis while I study issues that are directly reflected in the communities that are represented here at the University of Utah.


Brittany Timpson - Staff Scholarship

This scholarship will be going towards my tuition for my current semester as a Theatre student.  The Arts have always been my passion and I'm very grateful for the opportunity to get to learn from the incredible Theatre faculty here at the University, while also continuing to learn and grow as a University employee.

Last Updated: 8/17/20